why buy My Flight Hammock

If you have a passion for travel here are some reasons why you should buy My Flight Hammock

The only airline comfort device that is so adaptable, it's suitable for both adults and children

  • Adults can fully extend their legs whilst being fully supported by the hammock and pillows, placing feet under the seat in front 
  • Children can continue to use My Flight Hammock as they grow so it's a travel buddy for life! 

      Change the height of your leg rest and curl up on your side

      • Adults and older children can adjust the height of the pillows depending on what position you prefer
      • Curl up, sleep and relax on one side
      • Use the additional pillow as a head rest for extra comfort

          Converts into a bed for babies & small children

          • Convert children's Economy seat into a flat platform and bed
          • Babies and small children can sleep and play, making the most of their space
          • Use your child's pillow from home or the supplied airline pillow to make it just like their cot at home!

              In flight health and well being

              • My Flight Hammock elevates feet and legs to help reduce lower leg and ankle swelling on long flights
              • May help take pressure off the lower back and alleviate back discomfort
              • Find more position options and help relieve general aches and pains associated with flying long haul
              • May help reduce the risk of DVT associated with sitting for long periods


                  • Weighing just 670g
                  • Compact and fits into a small travel bag (30cm (L) x 16cm (H) x 5cm (W)
                  • Find more position options and help relieve general aches and pains associated with flying long haul
                  • Clips onto your hand luggage or carry over your shoulder

                      Plane, train, bus, car...and all of your journeys

                      • My Flight Hammock is suitable for use on all types of economy/coach airlines seats
                      • It's also suitable for trains, bus and car travel

                          High Quality

                          • We source materials that are high quality and durable. Built to last on your worldwide adventures!
                          • One year warranty on any manufacturing faults

                              Excellent customer service

                              • Our customers are important and we always strive to offer friendly, helpful, excellent customer service
                              • We aim to respond to customer requests and questions within 1-2 working days from our offices in the UK and Australia

                                  Suitable for all ages and stages

                                  • From babies, to toddlers, to older children and adults, My Flight Hammock can be enjoyed by everyone
                                  • Continue to wear a seat belt whilst using My Flight Hammock

                                  Stretch out and make the most of your extra space

                                  • Suitable for use in most seating configurations of Economy, Premium Economy, Extra Legroom and Bulkhead
                                  • Stretch out, kick back and relax, making the most of the extra space in front of you

                                  comfort devices Approved on worldwide airlines

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