About Us

We are an Australian family business who are passionate about flying and travel. Our family includes six pilots and a flight attendant - so it comes as no surprise we became the first Australian business to design and manufacture a flight hammock to improve comfort in Economy/Coach.

Our founder Jenny came up with the idea during a long 14 hour flight. Jenny was desperate to elevate her legs and feet to sleep on her side. She used a travel sewing kit to create a sling from a torn up pillowcase. It was on this particular journey that the idea for our original product Fly LegsUp was born.

My Flight Hammock evolved from the original design of Fly LegsUp to allow people of all ages to be more comfortable on long flights. It can be used in-flight for Economy/Coach or Premium Economy and on a train, bus or anywhere you want to elevate your feet and legs.

Our goal is to make travel more comfortable for the whole family. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do and would love to hear your feedback!

Best wishes,
Jenny & the My Flight Hammock team.