"That little bit more pleasurable” - Andrew, Air Canada

“In January of this year we flew Air Canada - Sydney to Vancouver return. A 14-15 hour direct flight. Being our first big overseas family trip, mum and dad were just a little bit nervous as to how the kids (3 and 5 years) would travel.
Master 3 is not a renowned sleeper at the best of times.
With ipads charged, snacks packed and the travel hammocks in tow we set off.
We set up both hammocks quickly after take-off converting the kids seats into their own first class suites.
After a movie or two the kids drifted off and left mum and dad in peace for between 5-7 hours. Amazing.
They both slept for longer on the return leg so thanks for making our holiday that little bit more pleasurable!”

- Daddy Andrew, flying with Air Canada

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