Upgrade every flight

Make flying & travel more comfortable

A Game Changer In Flight Comfort

The only airline comfort device so adaptable, it suits both adults and children! 

Use My Flight Hammock to make flying more comfortable

Your legs and feet are lifted into a hammock into many different positions from stretched out to curled up

Easy to use & fits into a compact 670g carry bag

Complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines

Suitable for all ages

My Flight Hammock is very adaptable and suits small babies through to large adults



Compact and lightweight, weighing 670g. Leaves you hands free as it clips or hangs on your luggage


Sleep & Play

Children can enjoy more space to sleep and play. Also helps to stop toys dropping onto the floor



Adults can sleep more comfortably, and elevate legs to help reduce limb swelling and back pain associated with sitting for long periods


Just like their cot at home

Sleeping children make for an enjoyable journey for parents and other passengers


Plane, train, bus travel...


Extra Legroom


Airlines That Approve Passenger Comfort Devices

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